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Poor Autistic Children Are Getting New Life Through You

Honorable Sir (Enlightened Soul)

Greetings from Alokito Poth. 

We are all born as enlightened people. Some can express it; others fail to express it despite of their desire.

Very few people understand the plight of the parents of a child with autism in a very poor family. Regular and long-term treatment is essential to bring them back to a healthy normal life. This is very much expensive. It is not possible for them to raise this money. As a result, many autistic children are unable to return to a healthy normal life.

We are the only one organization in Bangladesh who have been giving treatments to these children completely free of cost for the last five years. Otherwise, they either begged or remained confined to their homes.

We humbly request you to be with us in this great work. You or your organization can bear the monthly treatments and education expenses of a few children or at least 1 child.  It costs Taka 15,000 per month to provide medical care and education to such an autistic child at completely free. Free occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and physiotherapy are provided to one child per day at this cost. Along with that he is provided with education and supporting materials.

A/c Name: Alokito Poth
A/c No.: 140-2851-887001
Bank: City Bank Ltd.

Branch: Tongi Branch, Bangladesh
Routing No: 225331633

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With a little help from everyone, it becomes much bigger.

With your financial and overall support, we will make the World Better for these disable and autistic children. We are calling on you to contact us for financial and overall support.

Great works cannot be done alone. You or your organization can give new life to the helpless and poor autistic children by monthly or annually contributions, through zakat or one-time donations. You are by our side that is our strength. Many special children, poor and helpless, will be cured only by the donations from you or your organization. Their lives will change through your great heart.

May the great Allah bless you. Let the poor special children return to a healthy and normal life through you.

Thank You.  

Associate Professor Nurun Nessa Fancy
General Secretary
Alokito Poth
Mobile: 88-01833342244

In the Holy Qur'an, Allah declares, "Whatever you spend or whatever you vow, Allah knows it" (Surah Al-Baqara, Ayat: 270).

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bKash/Nagad No:
01833342244 (Merchant)

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A/c Name: Alokito Poth
A/c No: 140-2851-887001
Bank: City Bank Ltd.

Branch: Tongi Branch, Bangladesh
Routing No: 225331633