Message From President

Message From President of Alokito Poth

This is the first time I am associated with a NGO for the full time. I am Retired Squadron Leader Shams Zaman, Serving for the nations for last 14 years as an Officer of Bangladesh Air Force.

Now I am standing here as Founder President of Alokito Poth (Enlightened Path), a Charitable Organization working for the Disable and Autistic Children.

I believe that the special children are not our burden, they are our blessings. Raising funds for the NGO is the most crucial task for social organizations and I took up the task of helping the disable and autistic children in doing so.

It is an incident from January 2018. We were passing by a slum adjacent to the Uttara Sector 12 of Dhaka. We saw an 11-year-old child tied to an electric pole. And some other kids are messing around and humiliating this little kid. Even they are spitting. We were surprised! Why would that be?

After untying the child's handcuffs, we found out that he is an autistic child (special child). His fault is that he doesn't get along with everyone as easily as the other kids do. His mother works as a cook at a rice hotel across the street. The boy's father died in a road accident. He is tied to an electric pole because he disturbs.
There are many poorer children with autism who require regular and long-term treatment to bring them back to a healthy, normal life. This is very expensive. If you go to a commercial institution, it takes about 25 to 30 thousand taka per month for a child and treatment is required for 1 to 2 years. It is sad but true that it is not possible for very poor parents to raise this money. They are so poor that they are not even able to provide three meals a day.

অতি দরিদ্র পরিবারে অটিজমে আক্রান্ত শিশুর বাবা মায়ের কষ্ট খুব কম মানুষই বুঝতে পারেন।

আমরা সবাই আলোকিত মানুষ হিসেবে জন্মগ্রহণ করি। কেউ তা প্রকাশ করতে পারি, আবার কেউ ইচ্ছা থাকা সত্ত্বেও প্রকাশ করতে ব্যর্থ হই। তাদের সুস্থ স্বাভাবিক জীবনে ফিরে আনার জন্য নিয়মিত এবং দীর্ঘমেয়াদী চিকিৎসা খুব জরুরী। যা অনেক ব্যয়বহুল। তাদের পক্ষে এই টাকা যোগার করা সম্ভব নয়। এই কারনে অনেক অটিস্টিক শিশু সুস্থ স্বাভাবিক জীবনে ফিরে যেতে পারছেনা।

Very few people understand the plight of the parents of a child with autism in a very poor family.

We are all born as enlightened people. Some can express it; others fail to express it despite of their desire. Regular and long-term treatment is essential to bring them back to a healthy normal life. This is very much expensive. It is not possible for them to raise this money. As a result, many autistic children are unable to return to a healthy normal life.

We offer services at free of cost that include Occupational Therapy, Speech & Language Therapy and Physiotherapy to physically challenged Children with disabilities and autism with our trained and skilled staff members. We are also providing Assistive Device to the handicapped children in need. Rehabilitation is our extended program to integrate physically challenged children in the society. Market driven skills and employability of adult autistic children in the form of self-employment and formal employment are also one of priority interventions to economically empower adult autistic children, so that they can augment family income.

Recently we have started education services for them at free of cost.

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